A Defaulted Check – How to Deal with a Defaulted Check

A Defaulted Check – How to Deal with a Defaulted Check

Every single day, businesses and individuals must contend with the "blow" of defaulted checks, how does one deal with defaulted checks?

Due to the rise in the cost of living, and high ongoing expenses, the trend of defaulted checks is on the rise.

There are several reasons for a check to default, among them: technical reason, there's not enough money in the bank account to cover the check, the check is associated with a restricted account, an initiated cancellation of the check, and more.  In cases when 10 checks are defaulted during a period of one year, the bank account would be restricted for one year.

You can find yourself in one of two situations: you paid with a check that bounced, or you were paid with a check that bounced.

In both situations, and without delay, it is highly recommended to turn to a bankruptcy attorney.

A bankruptcy attorney knows how to act in order to minimize damages.

If you received a check and it bounced, you have several options at your disposal, such as trying to collect the money yourself (by a phone call or by mail), and also by opening a case with a collection agency.  In addition, our office will impose seizures in order to prevent asset smuggling.

One of the problems that business owners encounter is the location of the debtor.

At times, it is difficult to trace an updated address, and if the circumstances require, we coordinate with a private investigator (approved by the Department of Justice).

We have at our disposal the legal tools that allow us to exert pressure on the debtor, such as: a stay of exit (leaving the country) order, and certain seizures and confiscations, all with the purpose of getting the debtor to pay his full debt, or to reach a payment agreement.

In cases where the debtor is not cooperating, we will enact execution of the debtor's assets (after we exercise seizures on them).

If you received checks that bounced, or you paid with checks that bounced, please turn to our office as soon as possible for immediate handling and minimizing the damages.

If you rent an apartment, and the resident's check bounces – turn to us.

If you are a business owner and a costumer's check bounced – turn to us.

If you are a supplier and a costumer's check bounced – turn to us.

Our office dealt, and deals with many satisfied service providers and business people.

We know the ins and outs of the bounced checks laws.

We know the different sanctions, and adapt our handling of the different cases to each case, in order to reach the best results.

First, we will guide you on how to approach the debtor yourself.

If this approach doesn’t work, we will clarify to you the different legal processes at your disposal.

We will implement, on your behalf, the assortment of legal options, including locating the assets of the debtor.

We will open, on your behalf, a case against the debtor at the Department of Collection, including submitting requests to execute different seizures of real estate, vehicle, drivers license, and a stay of exit.


In conclusion, our office is experienced in all that is related to a quick legal handling of bounced checks.

We will guide you personally and professionally, from beginning to end, until your debts are paid off, using professional and efficient process.

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