Borrower Restricted by Means

Borrower Restricted by Means

A borrower restricted by means is a person whose financial ability is limited compared to his debt.


If several collections cases have been opened against you with the collection authority, you might be exposed to each debt separately.  That is why our office will work to consolidate all of your debts and declare you as a borrower restricted by means.


That is to say, that all of your debts will be combined into one debt, and you will pay your creditors every month an amount that is drastically lower than your total debts.


Our office, that also specializes in collections, will provide you with legal and professional consultation, and will ensure that you are declared as restricted by means by the official receiver at the collection authority.


A declaration of restricted by means, will provide you with financial breathing room, in order to allow you to rearrange your life.


Even if a collection case is opened against you in the future, that file will join the consolidated debts.


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