Checking a Restricted Account

Checking a Restricted Account

The bank can restrict a client's account in cases where 10 checks have bounced during a period of one year.  There are situations where you might want to examine if your account had been restricted, and there are cases where you might want to examine if someone else's account had been restricted (a renter, a costumer, a supplier, etc.) thus affecting your financial situation.


Our office will investigate this sensitive issue, which has many financial implications, such as harming your line of credit (terminating it or lowering it) and defaulting checks, a case that could damage your business, and your personal life.


In addition, our office handles requests to cancel restrictions on accounts.  If you are concerned about a possible restriction being placed on your account, or on an account related to you, contact our office immediately, and we will provide you with legal and professional consultation and action.


There is a great deal of importance to block, in time, the financial damages and decline in your way of life, that might bring about a restriction on the use of checks, thus harming your future relations with banks and suppliers.


Don't wait until 10 of your checks bounce!

Contact us right after the second check, or the third at the latest, so that we can act early to prevent further lapsing of your situation.

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