Debt Law Suits During Bankruptcy

Debt Law Suits During Bankruptcy

The proceeding of bankruptcy is legally complex, and includes within it a proceeding in which the creditors submit a law suit against the debtor.  Once an order of asset consolidation is served to the debtor, it is possible to submit the debt law suit to the official receiver within 6 months.  From here it is of high urgency to contact our office as soon as possible, in order to be ready in time and collect all relevant materials.


Our office will guide you through the legal system, and will submit, on your behalf, an organized and legal debt suit (as creditors of the debtors), so that the chances for the approval of the suit by the executive appointed to handle the bankruptcy will increase.


In addition, we will follow, for you, after every step of your bankruptcy process, since at times there might be proceedings of collection even before the forms of the law suit are inspected.


It is important to know that within the scope of the proceedings, and after the response of the debtor, you might be required (as creditors) to present additional documentation as part of your response to the debtor's claims.


There is high importance to legal consultation who is an expert in the field, in order to increase your chances for an approval of the debt law suit (even a partial approval), and not to arrive to a position where your request is denied.  In addition, and based on each case, our office will help you in cases where an appeal of the executive's decision needed to be submitted in court.

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