Debts to Banks

Debts to Banks

It begins with a phone call from a bank teller, and ends with legal steps against you by the bank's legal department (or by outside attorneys).


Our office specializes in negotiating with banks on different issues, including debt allocation and debt settlement.

The most important thing for you to do is turn to our office as soon as you get the phone call from the bank teller that "threatens" you over the phone, since that is the stage where it is possible to prevent deterioration of the proceedings against you.

As long as the handling of the case is in the hands of the branch manager (and not passed on to the regional management), the chance for preventing in-court litigation increases.


Our knowledge and experience allows us to consult you how to conduct yourselves correctly at every stage, and it is recommended to handle it as early in the process as possible.


Even if a case of "proven suit" is opened against you in court due to debt, our office specializes in case management against the different judicial departments of the banks, and also against outside attorneys (and we know the difference in interests between the two).


Here is the time to warn you that even banks have different rules of engaging with you as costumers, and that means that in each case we will be able to advise you on submitting an opposing law suit against the bank, beyond the statement of defense.

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