Declaring Bankruptcy

Declaring Bankruptcy

Whether you are, as a private person or a business owner (not on a company), are unable to pay off your debts, including guarantees, to another person or more (or banks), you are able to request assistance to declare bankruptcy.


This proceeding, by order of bankruptcy, actually separates between you and your assets, in a way that your trustee will use your assets to pay off your debts, and allow you to continue forward with your personal and financial life.


If you do not own any assets, and you are in debt, the proceeding provides you with protection from legal proceedings that could be imposed on you.


Our office, that specializes in the field of bankruptcy, will provide you with professional and legal consult, and will guide you throughout the process, for the purpose of declaring you as bankrupt.


We understand that your current situation is difficult, and we will do as much as we can to ease this exhausting process on you, in order to receive a bankruptcy ruling from the court.


It is very important that the process is done accurately, and our office will do all that it can so that this complex journey will end on the best terms for you.

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