Dismantling Companies

Dismantling Companies

Voluntary Dismantling

Our office has gained a lot of experience in the proceedings of voluntary dismantling for the purpose of closing the company and expunging it from the books of the registrar of companies, while providing efficient, fast, and professional service, leading to achievement of the desired goal, closing the company, dismantling it, and expunging it.

Dismantling by the Court

Requesting the dismantling of a company (bankruptcy of the company) could be submitted by the company's creditors, the shareholders, or the employees themselves.

Causes for Dismantling a Company

The existence of insolvency is one of the constant causes for an order of companies where it is possible to dismantle a company.
Dismantling out of justice and righteousness – one of the causes for dismantling a company that is mentioned in the law is "out of justice and righteousness". This cause is amorphous, thus allowing the court some consideration and discretion when making its ruling.

Today, this cause is used as the most central cause that are given by company shareholders when dismantling a company. One of the cases included in this cause is, "a dead end" – a situation where there is substantial disagreement between the company shareholders, which makes managing the company difficult. Our office deals in issues of dismantling companies, including representation of corporations and their shareholders in their objections to the dismantling proceedings that they are facing. We also represent creditors who request the dismantling of companies.

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