An office that provides high quality legal advice in the scopes of civil and business law.  The office was conceived by Attorney, Maya Lavi, who in the past served as an independent legal counselor to financial institutions and banks.

Attorney Lavi has been a member in Israel’s Bar Association since 2004.  In addition, Attorney Lavi has been a member in several legal counseling committees, such as:

  1. Banking Committee

  2. The Committee for Conferences on Discontinuations of Payments

  3. The Committee for International Forums – Israel – Washington

The office handles assorted legal areas with emphasis on Banking Law, Securities and Reserves Law, laws relating to various  institutions, laws dealing with money laundering, contractual laws, account restrictions, submitting appeals against restricted accounts, producing injunctions and allowing continued actions in the business account, financial claims, litigation and laws regarding discontinuation of payment, personal guidance of business deals, real estate, evictions from apartments, settlement of loans currently under collection, various and methodized handling of debtors, termination of verdicts in cases where there is no defense, bankruptcy on behalf of the debtors, investigation of capability, consolidation of cases, conducting negotiations regarding debt settlement with financial institutions.

The office represents groups, businesses, and individuals opposite the banking network.  In addition, the office has gained a lot of experience and excellent reputation representing clients in diverse court houses, and opposite different collection agencies.

Among our office’s clients are businessmen, high achieving private companies, and personal patrons.

Practice Areas

The office deals with various areas of practice

Cancellation of a bank account

Our offices are available to you at all times for the most important purpose and to prevent you from being tagged under the “limited account” status.

Money Laundering

Refusal to open and / or close a bank account for fear of money laundering.

Labor and Employment Law

Our firm specializes in labor and kibbutz law and has over 15 years of experience in representing employees and employers from all areas of the economy in labor courts.


The firm is engaged in managing bankruptcy proceedings for the debtor, while achieving the best result for the client.

Debt Settlements

We will take advantage of our expertise in dealing with banking systems, saving you valuable time.

Family Law

Our firm represents in the field of family law, divorce and drafting of financial agreements, appointment of guardians, estates, wills and inheritances.

Banking Law

During her Employment in other firms Adv. Lavi has provided legal council to incluidng financial claims against bank clients.

Temporal cancellation of limited account in 48 hours

Our offices are at your service at all times for the most important purpose and are temporarily revoked within 48 hours.


We use the appropriate tools, at the right time, to ensure the best result possible when facing collection agencies.

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