Eviction Notices

Eviction Notices

Not all people (borrowers) are able to make regular monthly mortgage payments.

At times, this is due to different life circumstances, and there is no way to pay back the monthly payments to the mortgage bank.

The implications of not paying the mortgage, could deteriorate to a point where the borrower is served with an eviction notice.


It is important to mention that in any case where there's a chance of getting an eviction notice, one should approach a collection attorney immediately, since the law provides certain protections for the borrower.

At the moment that the bank sends you a warning letter, do not wait even one day "to see what will happen," rather turn immediately to a collection attorney to stop the deterioration of the legal and financial situation.


An attorney that specializes in collections, will check with the mortgage bank to see if the bank opened a case against the borrower according to the law, and if the case that was opened is only for the unpaid amount (as opposed to the full loan amount).

If you fail in paying your mortgage payment, the attorney will check to see how many payments were missed, and what can be done in order to minimize the damages and stop the incline of the situation.


The collection law is not impenetrable, and it has been amended several times, so that an attorney who is an expert on collections has the legal tools to challenge the bank on your behalf.

It is crucial to turn to an attorney immediately upon receiving the warning letter, in order to prevent an eviction notice.


Even if you receive an eviction notice, there is still something that can be done.

An experienced collection attorney will attempt to reach an agreement with the bank, such as a payment plan.

This solution could prevent you having to sell your apartment and allow you and your family to avoid an eviction notice.

Even in cases where an official receiver has been appointed, there's still a way to reach an agreement regarding paying off the loan.  A professional guiding by a collection attorney, can improve your legal status, such as delaying the process of collecting the mortgage.


Our office will present you with an assortment of legal actions at your disposal aimed at preventing an eviction notice.

There are cases where only half of the apartment is owned by the borrower, and therefore it is recommended to break away from the co-ownership, if the circumstances are justified.


Our office specializes in the area of collections, and we have the experience and legal familiarity to assist you in every aspect of handling cases of delayed mortgage payments, including the issues involved in evictions.

You are welcome to turn to us for consultation, guidance, and personal and professional handling of your case.

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