Law Suits Against Banks

Law Suits Against Banks

Both private people and business owners (independents, partnership, corporation) can find themselves needing to handle themselves legally against their banks; sometimes as plaintiffs, and other times as defenders.


Our office has vast knowledge in banking laws, and is an expert in managing proceedings opposite the banking system.


Among other areas we handle representations against banks on issues such as mortgages, debts, loans, guarantees, financial refunds, securities, deviations, restricted accounts, full disclosure, interests, delays, returning money, negligence, financial law suits, and more.


In addition, we would love to guide you in negotiating with the banks, including compromise agreements (in suitable cases), payoffs, and debt distribution.


Managing proceedings against the banks requires deep understanding of the banking system, and the different "tactics" applied by the banks against the client, who is, in reality, the weaker side in this process.


Our office will represent you professionally in cases where the bank has turned to the courts, and began to take legal action against you.  We will "attack" legally and lawfully the obligations of the bank toward you according to the law (obligation of caution, obligation of trust, and more).


More than 20,000 law suits are filed every year by banks against clients, and our office specializes in constructing appropriate statements of defense, at times (based on the case) even filing a counter suit against the banks.

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