Personal Bankruptcy

Personal Bankruptcy

When an individual (as opposed to a corporation) is forced to contend against creditors who demand to have their loans paid off, it is possible to request certain protection in the scope of a bankruptcy procedure.


Our office represents and protects you during this difficult time, when collection proceedings are filed against you, while you are pressured with threats of imprisonment, restriction of your bank account, seizures, restrictions on your driver's license, and more.


As part of our professional consultation and guidance that our office provides, we will work to mitigate, as much as possible, the financial and personal harm caused to you.


In addition, we will work to reduce your debts, to delay proceedings filed against you, and to receive an order of elimination on your behalf (stipulated or definite).


It is important to understand that a bankruptcy procedure is long and complex, and our office will ensure to handle it that the road to eliminate your debts is as "smooth" as possible.


If you are experiencing financial difficulties, and creditors are "chasing" after you and making your life difficult, contact our office immediately, and we will provide you with a legal and lawful "umbrella of protection."


The purpose of our guidance is that by the end of the process, you will be able to start your financial and personal life anew.

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