Stay of Exist with the Collections Authority

Stay of Exist with the Collections Authority

One of the common sanctions imposed on a debtor is a stay of exist, which is registered with the border police.  There is no doubt that this sanction is inconvenient and can harm the debtor in many ways – be it in traveling abroad on vacation, conducting business meetings, visiting family, and more.


Scrutinizing a Stay of Exit Order

It is possible that a stay of exist order is approved against a debtor prior to him receiving it in writing.  In order to prevent an embarrassment at the airport, it is possible to check if a stay of exist order has been registered with the population authority, immigration, and border crossings.  There's a need to send a copy of the debtor's I.D. to fax number +972-2-646-9441, call *3450, and after answering a few questions, receive an answer if an order was issued or not.


Who is Issued a Stay of Exit Order?

The sanction can be issued by the collections authority in any case where a person owes money and is yet to settle his debts – whether it is due to non-payment of alimony, a restricted account due to bank loans, loans to the authorities, a person in debt consolidation, or a debtor who is declared as of limited means.  The sanction is common during the latter part of the collection process, where there is fear that the debtor will leave the country, but it is possible to issue the order at any time, even during the beginning of the process.


Actions to Prevent a Stay of Exit Prior to the Issuance of the Order

The debtor can act to prevent a stay of exit order prior to its issuance by inspecting ability with the collections authority.  This is to prove to the official receiver with the collections authority that the debtor is unable to pay the debt that he owes, and that this is not a case where the debtor is trying to avoid paying his debts.  It is possible to prevent the order in cases where the debtor requests to settle his debts by consolidating them.


Actions to Repeal the Order

The debtor can submit a request to repeal the stay of exit order that will convince the official receiver at the collections authority that there is a reasonable reason for repealing the order.  In addition, it is possible to submit a request to delay the proceeding (that delay all proceedings in the case), or a request to postpone a specific procedure within the proceedings.  In addition, it is possible to involve the court by submitting an appeal on the stay of exist order, and also as request to delay the proceedings.


Repealing a Stay of Exit Order Using a Collections Attorney

The law office of Maya Lavi specializes in the field of collections, and can assist you in repealing the stay of exit order.  The office will submit a request to the official receiver of the collections authority, signed by the attorney, and providing relevant and justified pleas that will convince the receiver to repeal the order.

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