Termination of Strict Restriction

Termination of Strict Restriction

Our office specializes, in addition, in prevention and/or termination of strict restriction on bank accounts.

A restricted bank account is an account from which 10 checks bounced during a period of 12 months.

A strict restriction is declared when (a) a client's account has been restricted twice during a period of 3 years, or (b) another account belonging to the client is restricted (even if the account is in a different bank), in this case, the client becomes strictly restricted.


An account that is restricted under strict circumstances is subjected to heavy sanctions such as a prohibition to write checks from any account, and the prohibition of opening a new checking account, for a period of 2 years.

The implications of a strict restriction affect also the partners of the bank account owner.  This hurts not only in the client's business relationship, or other people, but also his immediate partners.

It is imperative to contact our office already at the moment where there's some suspicion regarding restricting the bank account, meaning before a bank notice arrives from the bank.

Do not hesitate.  Contact us immediately and get ahead of the situation.

Do not take the risk and the severe harsh consequences of a strict restriction.

The considerable experience of our office will assist you in preventing the restriction, or even remove it completely.

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